Nice things people have said about Glenn

“[Glenn] has shown a real ability to organize his department and meet deadlines and to hire good people. These are essential qualities in a manager and [he] excels at them.” – Jody Reese, Publisher at The Hippo

“True story, I get a lot of compliments on my business cards… no contest, the ones Glenn made are ***king AMAZING” – Caroline Ratajski, Author

“ You have a great breadth of knowledge and an apparent can-do, will-do attitude. ” – Sean Owen, President & CEO, wedu, inc.

“While working under him I’ve had the opportunity to hone my abilities under his supervision and guidance. Although Glenn is extremely laid back and fun to work with, I know when I need to get work done, and I have the utmost respect for him. He is an extremely hard worker and respected greatly among coworkers.” –Lori Sargent, Graphic Designer at Manchester Community College

“Glenn is an invaluable employee and an excellent manager. He has an incredible sense of prioritizing projects and understands how to streamline tasks in order to reach seemingly insane deadlines. I had the privilege of working for Glenn and learning to become a better designer and an efficient worker. His ability to keep co-workers motivated and on task shows leadership and his sense of humor makes him easily approachable. It was truly an honor to work with Glenn. How’s that for a “you’d better hire me when you get a super high-paying art director gig somewhere” quote?” – Jeremy Mandra, Graphic Designer

“Earnest, hard working and eager to learn, Glenn Given has been the best manager I’ve worked under. His creativity is boundless and his regard for modern design and innovation is unsurpassed. He’s also one of the few people you can have a serious discussion with about how to spell Superman’s Kryptonian first name, lest the newspaper look like a fool in the public eye. Also makes world class Ziti.” – Dan Brian, Prepress Specialist at Cummings Printing

“Glenn is not only an incredibly talented artist, but an open minded and fair colleague. He has high expectations for the quality of his work and it shows in the final product. Glenn has an easy going manner and always puts a smile on the face of his fellow employees. In my experience with Glenn, he motivated me to produce higher quality work and was always available for advice or creative input. He is a dedicated family man with many talents and is an asset to any company that is lucky enough to have him on their staff.” – Sarah Robinson, Owner/Chef at Forever Feasting

““Glenn is very talented and good at what he does. A team player, and a dedicated employee who was typically the last to leave the building. Not paid nearly what he was worth. He has a terrific sense of humor when under stress.” – Lisa Brown, Communications Director at Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice

“Glenn is one of the best supervisors I’ve had the pleasure to work under. A lot of what I learned about producing projects in a tight process, managing deliverables, and keeping things on the rails I picked up from my time working with him at Hippo Press. In my nearly two years of working with him, I don’t recall there having ever been a missed deadline. He manages his and his employee’s time super efficiently, course correcting for any curve-balls that may be thrown during the process and always gets the work taken care of, and keeps it looking awesome while doing it. His knowledge of InDesign and the other Adobe CS applications borders on the superhuman. When he hits a blocker, in the design itself or the software used to create it, he quickly diagnoses the issue and solves it. Or figures a way around it entirely that is even better.” – Mark Van Der Hyde, Interactive Project Manager at MAARK


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